Friday, August 29, 2008

So my mommy did something today that I don't like at all! She took out the big sucky monster, and sucked up all my poos! She went around the whole house with it and sucked up everything! All my hairs that I was saving to make her a sweater, and all my hay that I put to the side to eat later! I hate that stupid thing, I had to hide under the couch until the stupid sucky monster decided it wanted to suck up things under there too! No place is safe!!!! I like to chew on it when it isn't sucking so maybe it will never come out again but mommy always yells at me. She loves the monster more than me!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mommy was sick :(

Mommy went to a concert last night with daddy and their friends Rachel and Bill. Mommy gets headaches very easily so with all the loud music and cigarette smoke and everything else, she got a terrible headache. The drive home for her was awful because they were stuck in traffic and daddy had to keep breaking and accelerating and it made her stomach turn, so when she got home she "lost her lunch". I felt so bad for her I gave her bunny kisses and snuggles. To think I was very angry that they were leaving me all afternoon, now I just feel bad for momma. I did kind of rip up the carpet in my loneliness, but they forgave me...or maybe they haven't noticed yet in all the excitement! Hehe! I was very lonely last night though. I hate being left by myself all night. When daddy first walked in the door I was so happy they were home I did binkies and raced around his feet and all around the room! But now I have to go so I can sit on the carpet and hope that mommy and daddy don't see it. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well I think I need to make a confession! I know I pick on Nilla a lot but actually I kind of like her! Yesterday I proved that by spending a lot of time near the separator. We both laid next to each other and were giving each other bunny kisses. I guess she's not so bad...I just get jealous when mommy is giving her attention.And I get angry when she attacks me! So guess what everybunny!!! Mommy and daddy went grocery shopping last night and picked me up some new and different yummy greens! They gotted me and Nilla some bok choy and some Endive! We've never tried those before! Mommy and Daddy were being big worry butts though and said we could only get one of them yesterday so our tummys can adjust. Silly mommy and daddy they should know I have an iron stomach! Or at least I think I do!!! So I was so happy over having new yummies to eat that I was being extra silly and running around a lot more! I decided to try running really fast under the couch but momma laughed at me because it's so low the the ground that when I ran under it my butt kept hitting the bottom of the couch, so they kept feeling vibrations! I don't know why they are laughing, they should be happy! Now they don't have to spend extra on a vibrating recliner like grandma has!!!

My Daddy's friend Bill came over last night and I like him! He gives me lots of attentions and always watches me when I put on a show for everybody! He especially likes my binkys, he says I should be a gymnast and go to the Olympics. I don't know what that is but it sounds important so I think I should be at the Olympics too! Then the world can see me binky! Bill also is very nice to Nilla so I think she likes him too (but I know he likes me more!!!). Daddy was very tired when Bill went home because he said he worked very hard today and got out of work late so he was being a grumpy pants and went to bed. Mommy stayed up extra late (until after 1:00 am!) to spend some more time with me and Nilla. I love getting extra mommy time but I still think she should be spending it all with me!!! Well that was all for my day yesterday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well I had an activity filled day yesterday! First mommy and daddy had a weird dinner! They do this every once in a while! They eat big red BUGS! Mommy says they are called lobsters but I think they are gross! sometimes they just eat bug legs, and mommy calls those crab legs. She is just putting a nice name on something disgusting! The worst part mommy and daddy are murderers! They cooked those bugs alive!!! Even disgusting buggies don't deserve that! After they ate they said to me they are going out for a little bit and to be a good bunny and maybe I will get a surprise if I am. Well let me tell it was very hard to be a good bunny for so long but it payed off! Look what I gotted!!

Okay well actually they gave me a bunch of toys and this is just the bag that the wine came in, but this was WAY more fun! Mommy said I'm a silly bunny because they spent about 40 dollars on toys and I wanted to play with the bag, but she's the silly one because she doesn't play with paper bags! They gotted Nilla some toys too but I don't care about that. Except...they gotted her a really cool stuffed animal banana thingy! She picks it up by the peels and runs around like a stupid fluff ball, but I kind of want it now! I tried grabbing it when she set it down near the edge of the seperator but I couldn't pull it through! I yanked and yanked and then Nilla saw me and ran over and grabbed it back! Stupid fuzzy butt doesn't she know how to share!? Then to put a nice end on a good day mommy and daddy sat down to watch a movie and I hopped up and sat on mommy's lap and she petted me and she didn't have to yell at me because I didn't nip her at all! Then I wen't and layed next to daddy when he went to bed and he layed there petting and snuggling me until he fell asleep, then I went and pulled on the carpet until daddy woke back up to yell at me! Funny how he can't wake up to pet me more but he can wake up to yell at me! Oh well. I'm going to play with whats left of my bag!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh I almost forgotted!

I put a video of me on the side but I have warn to anybody with little bunny ears near by that my daddy's younger brother who came over to visit was with us when we made it and he says a swear word at the beginning! Mommy say's it's the S word...whatever that means! But anyways listen to my mommy's stupid giggly voice! She's so weird! Hey and check out the walls! This was taped before my stupid daddy covered up my creations! Oh and yes, that's stupid fur ball Nilla at the end...booo! This is in the room where Nilla's room is! So of course she had to steal the limelight at the end. Dumb bunny!
Hiii! My name is Dash... my momma calls me Dashy, or Dasherella, but really those are stupid so it's just Dash. Speaking of stupid, I've gots the stupidest sister that ever was! She is a stupid white fluffball and her name is Nilla, and well I just can't stand her! She is such a scaredy cat, momma has to sit with her for like 5 minutes every day just so Nilla can get used to her AGAIN! EVERYTIME! Then when stupid fuzzy butt gets unscared momma will sit there and give her lots of attentions! Those nose rubs should be mine!!!! Why does she even bother going through the same routine every day? The stupid scardey pants will just be scared again the next day like she always is! I always try to get mommy's attentions when she is petting Nilla by running back and forth and flopping right infront of the door and looking all cute, but she just laughs. Momma says Nilla needs extra special attentions so I decided to groom her through the wire that seperates us but the scaredy bun just jumps up and away from me! I go out of my way to be nice and she just runs! Mommy says I'm grooming too harsh and that I'm pulling her fur! Well I'm doing her a favor I think because her fur looks stupid it's soo long and fluffy, it should be sleek and silky like mine, that's whats in style...didn't Nilla get the memo???!!!! Anyways I guess she isn't all that bad, I'm just jealous right now because momma just got back from petting her. Nilla does sometimes give me nose kisses when I shove my nose through the seperator thingy at her. But she always trys to start a fight with me when we are in the same room! Daddy has got it right, he doesn't really like Nilla because she attacked him! Daddy is on my side! Momma says that he has no patience but who wants to be patient and nice when you are getting scratched at?!?! Momma needs to join the dark side! This is a picture of Nilla!

Although daddy is kind of being a cranky butt lately. He really shouldn't be because I'm helping out around the house but he says I'm being naughty! I'm just redecorating! Mommy says she wants him to paint the walls a different color and Daddy says that he likes it the way it is, so I helped mommy out by peeling the paint off the walls! Now it's a nice shade of brown all along the bottom! Mommy laughs and says now Daddy has to do something about the walls but Daddy decided to put hard wood on the lower half of the wall, and then he sprayed it with this smelly spray that makes me not want to even sniff it, and really not want to bite it! He ruins all my fun! Mommy says it looks nice like that and daddy says that will teach me, but I am teaching him! Now I'm pulling up the carpet! I really think we need softer carpets so I'm just helping him along like I did with the walls!

Another thing my mommy and daddy are being stupid heads about is complaining when I nip them! I'm not biting hard! I don't draw blood! But they say it feels like being pinched and they don't like it! Well if they hate it so much maybe they should be petting me all the time! That's why I'm nipping! I will hop up on the couch and sit on mommy's lap and she will pet me but then she says her arms get "tired" and she stops, so I move my head to her inner elbow and take a little nip there and then she jumps and says "No Dashy!" but I just keep doing it! Last night daddy had his foot hanging over the side of the bed so I nipped the top of it because he wasn't petting me! He got mad but I don't know why, I should be the mad one, I'm getting neglected!
Mommy says I'm the snuggliest cuddeliest bunny ever because I like to flop right next to her on the bed and give her cuddles or sit on her lap and give her cuddles and I let her pick me up and she always nuzzles her nose in my fur and gives me kisses all over and I give her kisses all over back, but she can still complain about the nipping! Sheesh!

Well I'm off for now... so much carpet to rip up and so little time! Maybe I will stop by Nilla's room and pull some more of her fur out so she can look more like me! Yes she has her own BIG room with a BIG play thing daddy built her and he built her that room she is in! Can you believe it! He doesn't even like her! Where is my big play thing?!