Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daddy's OLD!

Daddy is old man now! He turns 24 this Thursday (Oct.2) and momma keeps picking on him. He says "No! I'm not old!" but she teases him. I agree with momma though, 24 is ancient! It's wayyyyss older than me! I only 1 and a half! Me and Nilla and the gerbils: flip, chip and skip all got together and mades a card for daddy! I wroted "Hoppy birthday dad! I gots special presents for you! I puts them in my litter tray for safe keepings!" and it's true! I've been collecting just for daddy! Nilla wroted "Happy b-day daddy! I hopes you gets lots of nummy carrots! I hopes I gets nummy carrots too!" and thats probably true too because the fluff ball doesn't stop eatings! The gerbils wroted "Happy b-day! We gives you....uhmm...2 sunflower seeds, but that's it! We needs them, we's growing boys!". We are all so generous to our daddy! Mommy is giving daddy a movie called 10,000 BC! Momma and daddy went to see that in the theater and daddy loved it! Momma also gotted daddy Iron Man but she is giving that to him today because she wants to watch it tonight! Two foots are soo inpatient. Well I gots to go finish my collections for daddy's b-day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

These foots were made for stomping!

I have been stomping my foots so much lately, but for good reason! Daddy got a new ringtone for his phone and it's too loud for me so whenever someone calls I run around stomping my foots! Also momma did a big clean this weekend and the big sucky monster came out and everything! So naturally I stomped my foots!!! But other than that not too much has gone on. Momma went into Nilla's room the other day to pet her and I was sneaky and wiggled my way in. Nilla and I got along for a little bit and we explored together, but then she tried to sit on my back (how rude!) and I got angry and then we fought! Oh, also, mommy said she rode a motorcycle for the first time yesterday! Her friend broughted her on his motorcycle and they went all over the place. She said it was very fun, but a little scary at first until she got used to it! She said she was really scared though when her friend thought it would be funny to go 105 mph! I don't know what that means but it sounds dangerous!!!! Thankfully my momma made it back safe and sound to give me treats and cuddles!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I was missing my mommy and daddy this weekend! They stayed out all day Saturday and daddy only came home once for a few minutes to check on me and Nilla and feed us and give us water, and then they was gone all night! They came home Sunday and I missed them so much I forgot I was angry and I did binkies for a long time! I gave momma nose cuddles, kind of like this...this is an old picture, but since mommy broked the camera here is an old example!
Mommy and daddy paid lots of attentions to me and Nilla and momma cleaned out our litter for us and gaved us treats and then mommy and daddy sat down to watch a movie. I wasn't done getting attentions so I sat infront of the T.V. staring at them and when I realized they weren't looking at me I sat up on my hind legs and stretched as high as I could so they would look at me and they still didnt! So then I stomped my foots and ran under the couch and stomped my foots 2 more times! Finally momma went down on the ground to give me more snuggles and then went and gaved Nilla more snuggles too. Later on I jumped up on daddy's lap and falled asleep from all the pets he was giving me. I hated that they lefted me but I liked all the love I got when they came back!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Me, a good girl? I sure am!

I was a good girl today! Mommy and daddy was so proud! I had to get my nails clipped and I really do hate it, but this time I sat still and momma didn't have to wrap me in a towel or anything. I even handed my other paw to her when she set my first one down! Mommy said she has never seen anything like that before. Daddy says it was likely an accident and I was just probably moving my foot and it landed in her hand as she was reaching for it, but he's wrong. I am just a good little girl. He was impressed how still I was though and I got TWO treats for that! Nilla wasn't a good girl, she fought momma every step of the way, but she still got all her nails clipped. She ignored mommy for a long time afterwards and flicked her feet at her. The best part about getting my nails clipped, besides the treat of course, is watching Nilla get hers done...hehehe misery loves company!

By the way, my mommy and daddy are going to have more pictures of me on here later! Momma broke the camera and daddy is going out to buy a new one. But he takes forever picking things out and has to shop around for the best deal so it might be a bit before you see my pretty new pedicure, it might even be so that you see my NEXT pretty new pedicure by the time I get my picture taken again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy starts school!?

Mommy is going to school today. I thought she was done with school a while ago, but she said today is her first day and she is going for an English major. She is nervous and excited and she had her outfit for the first day all picked out and set aside. I thought it was a pretty nice outfit, but it just needed something....so I chewed a few holes in it and now it looks much better! Mommy didn't like my design, but what does she know? She had to wear a whole different outfit and she kept it too high up for me to redecorate. Mean mommy I was just trying to make her look prettier than everyone else. Daddy saw my strategically placed holes and laughed and said he thinks that will be his favorite outfit on mommy. See, daddy and I both think she would look nice, stupid mommy. Well I must be off to see if I can get a few nibbles in before she leaves because really she looks ridiculous! Wish me luck, and wish my mommy luck at school!!!