Friday, October 31, 2008

Hoppy Halloween!

I hope everybunny out there is doing lots of tricks and getting treats! I have been working very hard on my tricks this morning so I better be getting some yummy treats later! First trick of the day: momma was eating a bowl of cereal and watching tv, she put the bowl down on the coffee table and it was on top of an envelope, well I wanted that yummy envelope and grabbed the corner and yanked and I got it! But mom's bowl of cereal fell and she was pretty upset and so I ran off with my mail under the couch...momma took it back though! So my second trick! This also has to do with my costume, but mom just doesn't get it. So I was going to the kitchen with my momma because I follow her everywhere. She was getting paper towels to clean up the mess and ripped off a sheet and before she could go to clean it I yanked it out of her hand and ran off with it! While I was running it flipped and went over my head and covered my body and voila! A ghost costume!!! Mom wasn't impressed and I couldn't see where I was going so I had to stop running and when I did she took it back! No fun, she needs to get in the holiday spirit!!! Well I thought I'd share my tricks with you all so you can get ideas! I'm off to think up new plans! Have a fun and safe Halloween! Boo!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bunnies aren't manly???!!!!

Daddy was at the grocery store yesterday buying Nilla and I some cilantro and kale and the guy at the register asked him if he had a lizard. Daddy said no he has rabbits and the guy laughed!!! I asked daddy why he laughed and he said it's because rabbits aren't manly!!! That is so not true! I may not be a manly but I know other rabbits who are manlys like Hans and Yohji, or Alvin or Carlton or Gregory...and so many others!! They has lots of manlys!!!! Silly cash register guy. Daddy says he wasn't embarrassed because he would never be ashamed of us girlies. I love my daddy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I gots new toys!

Well get this! Momma and daddy got so annoyed at me for ripping up and chewing things that I wasn't allowed to that they went out and bought me new toys! Listen up every bunny, you get toys for being naughty! There's no catch either, I got my toys and momma and daddy thought I was so cute playing with them I got lots of "awww's" and nose rubs! Nilla got a bunch of toys too. Momma picked out a little stuffed pumpkin toy for her and she picks it up by the stem part and runs around the room with it in her mouth and stands on her hind legs and bats at it with her front feet when it's hanging from her mouth. She really is a rather strange rabbit, but everyone thought it was so cute.

I get to go to grandma's in a couple weeks because daddy is going hunting with his daddy for a week straight. BAD DADDY! But momma doesn't want to be all alone so she's staying at grammy's for the week and Nilla and I are coming with her! I love grammy's house, she's got two dogs that I can boss around and LOTS of room to run around in. And she has....STAIRS! I finally mastered them last time I was there and now I get to pick up where I lefted off! Well because I'm feeling generous I will grace you with a beautiful picture of my face!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Everyone's got sad faces on

My momma got some bad news today. My aunt called and told mom that her son Memphis has cancer again. He is only 4 years old and has gotten cancer again each year for the past three years. That's 3 times now. Poor Memphis I always liked him, he was gentle with me and would never chase me around. Momma says it is in his lungs and there's something about it that makes it very rare for people his age. He at first had a 50% chance of survival with the stem cell transplant they were going to give him, now it's down to 30% because of some test results. Momma couldn't take in all the details, there were too Aunt Chauntell was crying so it was hard to understand everything. I just wanted to ask everybunny to please put their paws together and say a little prayer for Memphis.
Here is a picture of Memph from his baptism last year. He's got no furs on his head because of chemotherapy :(
Here's another picture of him playing at the hospital