Wednesday, September 17, 2008

These foots were made for stomping!

I have been stomping my foots so much lately, but for good reason! Daddy got a new ringtone for his phone and it's too loud for me so whenever someone calls I run around stomping my foots! Also momma did a big clean this weekend and the big sucky monster came out and everything! So naturally I stomped my foots!!! But other than that not too much has gone on. Momma went into Nilla's room the other day to pet her and I was sneaky and wiggled my way in. Nilla and I got along for a little bit and we explored together, but then she tried to sit on my back (how rude!) and I got angry and then we fought! Oh, also, mommy said she rode a motorcycle for the first time yesterday! Her friend broughted her on his motorcycle and they went all over the place. She said it was very fun, but a little scary at first until she got used to it! She said she was really scared though when her friend thought it would be funny to go 105 mph! I don't know what that means but it sounds dangerous!!!! Thankfully my momma made it back safe and sound to give me treats and cuddles!!!


furrybutts said...

Aww.. your poor ears must be hurting! Hope dad has changed his ring tone to something more pleasant, after all your stomping!

Dash said...

Oh, well he didn't change it he just turned the ringing volume down. I decided that was good enough so I quit my stompings, gotta keep these two foots in check though, you know?