Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daddy's OLD!

Daddy is old man now! He turns 24 this Thursday (Oct.2) and momma keeps picking on him. He says "No! I'm not old!" but she teases him. I agree with momma though, 24 is ancient! It's wayyyyss older than me! I only 1 and a half! Me and Nilla and the gerbils: flip, chip and skip all got together and mades a card for daddy! I wroted "Hoppy birthday dad! I gots special presents for you! I puts them in my litter tray for safe keepings!" and it's true! I've been collecting just for daddy! Nilla wroted "Happy b-day daddy! I hopes you gets lots of nummy carrots! I hopes I gets nummy carrots too!" and thats probably true too because the fluff ball doesn't stop eatings! The gerbils wroted "Happy b-day! We gives you....uhmm...2 sunflower seeds, but that's it! We needs them, we's growing boys!". We are all so generous to our daddy! Mommy is giving daddy a movie called 10,000 BC! Momma and daddy went to see that in the theater and daddy loved it! Momma also gotted daddy Iron Man but she is giving that to him today because she wants to watch it tonight! Two foots are soo inpatient. Well I gots to go finish my collections for daddy's b-day!

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Anonymous said...

A Belated Happy Birthday to Dash's daddy!! If 24 is ancient, Dash.. then you would think I'm a dinosaur ;)

Iron Man's a great movie!! Loved it!!