Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bunnies aren't manly???!!!!

Daddy was at the grocery store yesterday buying Nilla and I some cilantro and kale and the guy at the register asked him if he had a lizard. Daddy said no he has rabbits and the guy laughed!!! I asked daddy why he laughed and he said it's because rabbits aren't manly!!! That is so not true! I may not be a manly but I know other rabbits who are manlys like Hans and Yohji, or Alvin or Carlton or Gregory...and so many others!! They has lots of manlys!!!! Silly cash register guy. Daddy says he wasn't embarrassed because he would never be ashamed of us girlies. I love my daddy!


Alvin said...

pfffft what does the cash register man know.. id box him till he cried big fast tears and then he could see whos the manly one

Anonymous said...

Silly cash register boy doesn't know what he's talking about! He'd better not meet us bunnies in person.. we'll bare our teefs and growl at him, lunge at his ankles and stomp on his feets and then we'll see if he still dares to laugh at bunnies!