Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I gots new toys!

Well get this! Momma and daddy got so annoyed at me for ripping up and chewing things that I wasn't allowed to that they went out and bought me new toys! Listen up every bunny, you get toys for being naughty! There's no catch either, I got my toys and momma and daddy thought I was so cute playing with them I got lots of "awww's" and nose rubs! Nilla got a bunch of toys too. Momma picked out a little stuffed pumpkin toy for her and she picks it up by the stem part and runs around the room with it in her mouth and stands on her hind legs and bats at it with her front feet when it's hanging from her mouth. She really is a rather strange rabbit, but everyone thought it was so cute.

I get to go to grandma's in a couple weeks because daddy is going hunting with his daddy for a week straight. BAD DADDY! But momma doesn't want to be all alone so she's staying at grammy's for the week and Nilla and I are coming with her! I love grammy's house, she's got two dogs that I can boss around and LOTS of room to run around in. And she has....STAIRS! I finally mastered them last time I was there and now I get to pick up where I lefted off! Well because I'm feeling generous I will grace you with a beautiful picture of my face!

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furrybutts said...

That is indeed a beautiful picture of you, Dash.. You have such lovely eyes!

Are you being naughty in that picture? Good work on destroying everything around ;) That's every bun's purpose in life hee hee leave nothing un-chewed!