Friday, October 31, 2008

Hoppy Halloween!

I hope everybunny out there is doing lots of tricks and getting treats! I have been working very hard on my tricks this morning so I better be getting some yummy treats later! First trick of the day: momma was eating a bowl of cereal and watching tv, she put the bowl down on the coffee table and it was on top of an envelope, well I wanted that yummy envelope and grabbed the corner and yanked and I got it! But mom's bowl of cereal fell and she was pretty upset and so I ran off with my mail under the couch...momma took it back though! So my second trick! This also has to do with my costume, but mom just doesn't get it. So I was going to the kitchen with my momma because I follow her everywhere. She was getting paper towels to clean up the mess and ripped off a sheet and before she could go to clean it I yanked it out of her hand and ran off with it! While I was running it flipped and went over my head and covered my body and voila! A ghost costume!!! Mom wasn't impressed and I couldn't see where I was going so I had to stop running and when I did she took it back! No fun, she needs to get in the holiday spirit!!! Well I thought I'd share my tricks with you all so you can get ideas! I'm off to think up new plans! Have a fun and safe Halloween! Boo!

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furrybutts said...

Hoppy Halloween, Dash! That's very smart of you, a paper towel ghost costume! Too bad your mummy didn't appreciate it.. humans, sigh.. hope you got lots of treats, though!