Friday, October 3, 2008

Everyone's got sad faces on

My momma got some bad news today. My aunt called and told mom that her son Memphis has cancer again. He is only 4 years old and has gotten cancer again each year for the past three years. That's 3 times now. Poor Memphis I always liked him, he was gentle with me and would never chase me around. Momma says it is in his lungs and there's something about it that makes it very rare for people his age. He at first had a 50% chance of survival with the stem cell transplant they were going to give him, now it's down to 30% because of some test results. Momma couldn't take in all the details, there were too Aunt Chauntell was crying so it was hard to understand everything. I just wanted to ask everybunny to please put their paws together and say a little prayer for Memphis.
Here is a picture of Memph from his baptism last year. He's got no furs on his head because of chemotherapy :(
Here's another picture of him playing at the hospital


Alvin said...

oh no poor little man.... my mum had a little tear when she read about him, so we are all sending mega vibes that the doctors can make his cancer go away..

lots of love Pearl, mum, dad and alvin xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Poor Memphis! He's such a cute boy.. we're sending good vibes and saying prayers for him. Get Well, Memphis!